Monthly Archives: April 2008


Ed Zipco gives a sweet interview to Vice about his latest novel the “Adventures of Darius and Downey.”    


  Blast Mitigation using BlastGard MTR Series Bomb Proof Trash Cans   Trash Receptacles, a necessity for public waste management, pose a serious threat to Public Safety considering how easily they can conceal an explosive device planted by a terrorist. The BlastGard MTR series of bomb proof trash cans dramatically reduces all lethal threats posed by the […]

“The Louisville Slugger”

The work gets a double shot in this months issue of MODART. page 30, Words from King Adz Brad Downey/The Louisville Slugger and page 72 Show and Tell Fresh Air Smells Funny  

Francesca Gavin And Brad Downey

Francesca Gavin the maker of the cool book Street Renegades which features people like, Marc Jenkins, Leopold Kessler, and Robin Rhode, has just written an article on my work for Dazed.  

Panoramabar gets cuffed

FUCK THE COPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

KUNSTFORUM takes a look at my work.

“Fresh Air Smells Funny” gets a review in Kunstforum    

Robert Stone spots The Guardian w/ D and D

Hey Brad, this is how a nigga like me reads the guardian weekend magazine section. thats how i do’s it brad, thats how i do’s it son. Rob Thanks.. Rob for the the love and Chloe for being so hottt (see you at Morrissey night.)