Monthly Archives: September 2008

Tesco And The Good Book

If you live in England pop down to your local Tesco because I just found out they have stocked our book ” The Adventures Of Darius And Downey As Told To Ed Zipco.”  

The Rolling Stones Album Cover 1968

“Unaltered. Top Centre, with a shooting star and a Kilroy! I couldn’t believe it.”    

The Scale of Intervention with Darius Jones!!!!!

Fri, Sep 5, 2008 | 7:30 PM New Museum theater The Scale of Intervention Co-organized by Conflux Moderated by Wooster Collective, with CutUp Collective, Leon Reid IV (of Darius + Downey), Betsey Biggs, Roadsworth Co-organized by Conflux, an annual festival dedicated to pyschogeography, and moderated by the founders of the celebrated street-art Web site Wooster […]

Names Fest

I just got back to berlin from Prague for the Namesfest . Thanks (Honza, Klara and Blanka).. I opened my inbox this morning and here is what I found…….thanks Jeff (whoever you are?)., _________ It certainly must be you. “Brad Downey was here 08.” You wrote your name in various places in Prague 7, Holesovice, including on […]