Names Fest

I just got back to berlin from Prague for the Namesfest . Thanks (Honza, Klara and Blanka).. I opened my inbox this morning and here is what I found…….thanks Jeff (whoever you are?)., _________

It certainly must be you. “Brad Downey was here 08.” You wrote your name in various places in Prague 7, Holesovice, including on the historic metronome and on the Hlavkuv bridge. 

I regret to inform you that your passport will be blacklisted and you will be refused entry to all Schengen member states for the next 25 years. All other nations will have access to this information and may make decisions regarding your travel accordingly. 

Off the record, I feel it appropriate to express the following: Most of our cases involve serious offenses and repeat offenders. Your pety actions will affect you for years to come, and for what? I can’t call what you did “graffiti,” because it completely lacks artistic expression and originality. Frankly, I think you must be nothing more than an extraordinarily retarded imbecile; blessed with a passport and his parents’ money so that he may travel the world and undermine the reputation of his country. This is of course my opinion and not that of the Bureau of Justice.

I sincerely wish you luck in finding better uses of your time. Further, I express my regret for the consequences you will suffer as a result of your thoughtless actions.



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