Special Thanks Chaz, Anita, Aneta, and Goethe




The last few weeks Amsterdam was my home.  Goethe, helped with materials and travel, Chaz put me up, Anita was professional, and Aneta provided tools and equipment. Also the “american book center” were a huge support. Thanks everybody.. especially the “international amsterdam film festival”.

a list of other artists involved in the project.


Brad Downey (USA) – partner Goethe Institute 

KING ADZ (UK) – Cooking performance

Mark Formanek & Datenstrudel (DE) – Standard Time

Stefanie Schneider (DE) – 29 PALMS, CA

Stephanie Rothenberg (USA) – School of Perpetual Training

Philippe Gerlach & Stefan Kushima (AUT) – Current Shot 

Paul Glazier (NL/UK) – FLUTTER

Bogomir Doringer (SER/NL) – “Deranged

Franz John (DE) – Turing Tables: An Untitled Composition for Tectonic Spaces

Christoph Keller (DE) – The Chemtrails Phenomenon

Pia Wergius & Arjen de Leeuw (NL) – Visions of William Living

Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec (NL/SVN) – Virtual Hole – Wind

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