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Digital Black Book by Evan Roth

Digital Downey……… Thanks again Evan……. Ar­tists in order of ap­pearan­ce: BRAD DOW­NEY, CHRIS STAIN, JU­DITH SU­PI­NE, LOGAN HICKS, BEN WOLF, SWOON, LEON REID IV, DAVID CHOE, JAMES POW­DER­LY, LEON (C6)


NUART 2009 : BROOKLYN SPECIAL SWOON, DAVID CHOE, BEN WOLF, GRAFFITI RESEARCH LAB, BRAD DOWNEY, JUDITH SUPINE, LEON REID IV aka DARIUS JONES, CHRIS STAIN, LOGAN HICKS, SKEWVILLE, EVAN ROTH (GRL), JAMES POWDERLY(GRL) Sept 10-Oct 11. Opening night : 1900-2100 Skur 2 Gallery and the city streets. Addition events with Brad Downey….. Tuesday Sept 08th Kl […]