“Nothing But” a special group exhibition.


If you live in Berlin please come tomorrow, October, 2nd, 2009,  Pflügerstrasse 11, U8 Schönleinstrasse.

Departure of the bycicle guided tours:

The Workers.
F.A, Filippo Minelli, Emilie Maidon, Jonathan Chaillou, Jerome Fino, Tanguy Samzun, Akim, Laurent Basset, Ola Boden, Emile Parchemin, Zasd, Evol, Bronco, Brad Downey, Nicolas Lachambre, Boxi, David Rych, Brian Reffin Smith, Julien Fargetton.

Nothing but printing, gut und günstig.

Big thanks to Louise and “The Wa” for all the hard work and passion.

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