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French T.V, ZAPS Brads Napoleon

Fake’ology: “Too good to be true” – NEURAL MAGAZINE #34 – Brad’s McD

Max Upravitelev und ich haben uns für das italienische Hacktivism-Magazin Neural ein paar Gedanken zum Thema “Fake” gemacht: Neural #34: Fake’ology. Too good to be true Fakes as an artistic and subversive warfare against cultural hegemony “All warfare is based on deception” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War I´m lovin´it! Brad Downey, a street […]


Japanther JAPANTHER  JAPanther. In 2002 they were kind enough to give Brad most of the music for his street art documentary “Public Discourse.” This is a really great newish track. for further reading check.

ARTE MAGAZIN If you speak german.. ARTE MAGAZIN has a well written article about street art. I think the whole thing is online. And keep your eyes peeled for the new ARTE street art documentary called”The Ephemeral Rebellion.” With a very nice work from berlin original “ZASD.”