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Downey earned a fine art master’s degree in painting and sculpture from London’s Slade School of Art, where he studied under Bruce Mclean and Will Alsop. He grew up in a United States Marine Corps family traversing towns across the United States, soaking up influences of diverse surroundings that would later add to his perspective. Pratt Institute drew him to New York City in 1998, where he first cultivated his study of fine art. Stimulated by the buzz of the urbane, he sought out alternate methods for depicting his environment, deciding on a film degree for formal study.

His first film, Public Discourse, a documentary about street art, proved a pivotal point in his artistic endeavors. The film has been screened at over 70 venues around the world including the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London and the Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival. It includes work by street artists such as Swoon, Obey Giant, Revs, Nato, Desa, Ellen Harvey, Keith Haring, JJ Veronis, and Johnny Swing (from the Rivington school), and features music by Japanther. The film was distributed by Video Data Bank. Public Discourse has also compelled Downey to take an active role in front of the camera as a full-fledged graffiti artist, focusing on how to use a minimalist work to enhance people’s overall sensation of their surroundings.

He gained much international recognition working collaboratively with Darius Jones A.K.A. Verbs (an American graffiti artist from Cincinnati, Ohio). As a team they developed a new style of concept/image-based roller graffiti and a unique illegal site-specific brand of three-dimensional sculptures, where functional traffic symbols become humanised traffic symbols.

Downey regularly lectures about unsanctioned public artwork. He is exploring its adaptation in traditional gallery settings in London, Berlin and New York. He was named as one of the “ArtReview” 25 MA graduates to watch in 2005. He has been featured in The New York Times, Creative Review, the Atlanta Journal Constitution and BBC Mundo, among others. He has exhibited in venues such as Urbis museum in Manchester, Kunstlerhaus Bethanian in Berlin, the Basil Art Fair in Miami, the ICA in London, and Mass MOCA in the USA.


the time I went to Vienna and met Brad Downey by Natalie Fasano

Are we that insensible of our urban environment, to the presence of unexpected beauty, that we don’t notice two guys installing pregnant stop signs in broad daylight? I met Brad Downey in Vienna, March 2010 when he was a resident artist at the Museums Quartier, WEIN, one of the largest and most forward thinking museums […]


RAUMKONTROLLE Ein Screening mit Arbeiten von: Adams/E.B. Itso, Nevin Aladağ, Fabian Bechtle, Guy Ben-Ner ,Marc Bijl, Fernando Sanchez Castillo, Brad Downey, VALIE EXPORT, Andrea Fraser, Niklas Goldbach, Judith Hopf, IEPE, Christian Jankowski, William E. Jones, NUG, Corinna Schnitt, Santiago Sierra, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Matthias Wermke/Mischa Leinkauf und Ming Wong Kuratiert von Lutz Henke und Viktor Neuman […]

Kunstkörperlich-Körperkünstlich 3, Bodies

Vom 18. Juni bis 18. September wird in der Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche Osnabrück die Ausstellung “Kunstkörperlich-Körperkünstlich 3, Bodies” gezeigt. Das Thema der dreiteiligen, im Jahr 2006 begonnenen Ausstellungsreihe ist die Körperwahrnehmung beziehungsweise das moderne Körperbild in den Konzepten aktueller Objekt- und Installationskunst. Seit den 1960er Jahren hat die dreidimensionale Kunst durch die Erweiterung des Skulpturenbegriffs neue […]

THE 30 Gallery_Prague

concrete tent

Wuppertal. …

Participating artists: Ash, Herbert Baglione, Boxi, Brad Downey, Ben Eine, Faith47, Boris Hoppek, Mark Jenkins, JR, Os Gêmeos, Mirko Reisser (DAIM), Swoon, Zezão Curated by Rik Reinking

KØS_museum of art in the public space. May 7th to September, 2011 check the site for information.  Akay and Brad will be working together on a series of works. These will be installed in a cabin in the city of Koege not far from the museum.


ArtandAgenda_press_Cover Contributors include established artists such as Ai Weiwei, Elmgreen & Dragset, Fernando Bryce, Gregor Schneider, Hank Willis Thomas, Jennifer Karady, Jota Castro, Marina Abramovic, Maurizio Cattelan, Milica Tomic, Paul McCarthy, Santiago Sierra, William Kentridge, and Zhang Huan as well as newer talent such as Aram Bartholl, Brad Downey, JR, Shepard Fairey, Swoon, Voina Group, […]

“Wilde Zeichen”- Forum Frohner_ Kunsthalle Krems

27. März 2011 bis 29. Mai 2011 Graffiti definieren den Stadtraum als kollektives Territorium, um Bildbotschaften, Slogans und Nachrichten auszutauschen. Hierbei werden Hausfassaden, U-Bahn-Züge oder frei gegebene “City Walls” zu mobilen und temporären Plattformen, die in der Grauzone der Legalität eine urbane Gegenkultur darstellen. Den “Aufstand der Zeichen”, wie Jean Baudrillard das Phäno-men Graffiti in […]

Cuadro Dubai

for further information … special thanks Adam Hardy

Museum of Contemporary Art Roskilde

EXHIBITION: WHAT IS CONTEMPORARY ART? COME TO OUR OPEN HOUSE AND FIND THE ANSWER! Opening: Friday, March 11th 4-6pm (free admission) Exhibition period: March 12th – June 5th 2011 Museum of Contemporary Art, Staendertorvet 3A, 4000 Roskilde Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday 11am – 5pm, Saturday – Sunday 12am – 4pm Artists at the exhibition: […]

Voina-Group- <3


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“I Don’t Need Your Money Honey All I Need is Love”

I Don’t Need Your Money Honey All I Need is Love – Works from The Farook Collection James Clar, Brad Downey, Rania Ezzat, Amir H. Fallah, Jonathan Gent, Abdulnasser Gharem, Dan Graham, Wang Guangyi, Mona Hatoum, Damien Hirst, Jenny Holzer, Maitha Huraiz, Hayv Kahraman, Jitish Kallat, Charles Krafft, Tim Lewis, Polly Morgan, Leila Pazooki, Sam […]